Simulation CFD

Simulation CFD

Autodesk ® Simulation CFD software provides fast, accurate, and flexible fluid flow and thermal simulation tools to help predict product performance, optimize designs, and validate product behavior before manufacturing—minimizing reliance on costly physical prototypes and helping you get innovative products to market faster. Easily explore and compare design alternatives and better understand the implications of design choices using an innovative Design Study Environment and automation tools. Autodesk Simulation CFD software supports direct data exchange with most CAD software tools including Autodesk ® Inventor ® software, Autodesk ® Revit ® software, Pro/ENGINEER ® , and Solidworks. Autodesk Simulation CFD software enables you to make great products


Autodesk® Simulation CFD software provides a broad range of computational fluid dynamic (CFD) simulation tools to help designers, engineers and analysis’s make better products by making crucial decisions earlier in the design process.

  • Autodesk Simulation CFD enables designers and engineers to validate and optimize designs before manufacturing—increasing efficiency, minimizing reliance on physical prototypes, reducing costs, and decreasing errors.
  • Simulate critical components and systems within machinery, hydraulics, pneumatics, ovens, and other engineering equipment. Simulate flow startup, capture transient pressure fluid flow development, and simulate the mixing of two similar fluids by using a scalar mixing condition.
  • Ensure components operate below temperature limits. Simulate their heat-dissipation, and assess the thermal effects of solar heating and radiation.
  • Includes a range of CFD modeling and thermal modeling tools for architectural and mechanical, electrical, and plumbing (MEP) applications. Model
  • radiant heat transfer and occupant comfort; better predict contaminant dispersion and smoke migration in and around buildings. Study the long-term effects of diurnal heating.
  • Simulation CFD provides a flexible, intuitive environment for setting up fluid flow and thermal design studies. The Design Study Environment allows you to automate the creation of design studies, compare critical values, and review results across multiple designs.
  • Part of the Autodesk® solution for Digital Prototyping, Autodesk Simulation CFD helps designers capture ideas digitally and then share those designs with the engineering team using a common file format. As a result, team members can study a product’s real-world environment through engineering simulation of the digital prototype.

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