It is now more important than ever to renew your Maintenance Subscription on time. Effective February 1, 2016, Autodesk will no longer allow for the renewal of Maintenance Subscription contracts after expiration.

This change does not impact your perpetual license to access and use your Autodesk software. However, make sure to renew on time to continue receiving the following Maintenance Subscription benefits:

  • Free ECAD Technical Support
  • New releases of your software
  • Product enhancements
  • Previous versions of your software
  • Home Use Rights
  • Global Use Rights
  • Cloud credits purchased on that contract
  • Entitled cloud services
  • 25GB of cloud storage

The ECAD Subscription Team is dedicated to helping you through your subscription process. We'll discuss with you the benefits of each option as well as answer any questions you have regarding your software on subscription and how you can get the most value from those contracts. We are available anytime, please email us:

URGENT message concerning online renewals through AUTODESK. Many of you will receive a courtesy email from Autodesk reminding you that your subscription renewal is upcoming. Within the email is the option to renew online. Please note the message below the button that informs you that renewing online “may not include benefits provided directly by our reseller”.  This means when you renew through Autodesk eStore you NO LONGER receive free technical support from ECAD as part of your subscription contract. Please contact us with any questions about your renewal process.