EdgeCAM Mill Turn

EdgeCAM Mill Turn

Edgecam includes an easy-to-use multi-axis turning module for programming sub-spindle lathes. As with multi-turret machine configurations, cycle time and the ability to turn a part completely in one operation are of paramount importance when working with sub-spindle lathes


Integrated commands to control activities associated with sub-spindle lathes make programming easier. Main features include:

  • Integrated lathe setup command guides you through machine and job setup.
  • Spindle selection is made easy with a single mouse click and the instruction browser indicates clearly which spindle each instruction is for.
  • For twin turret lathes the side-by-side view of the instruction browser offers an ideal programming environment. The turret synchronizations are lined up and, to inhibit conflicting spindle codes being programmed, turret priority is clearly indicated.
  • Synchronization positions can be moved around to reduce machine idle time and a timeline view of the instructions across spindles and turrets is useful for program verification.
  • Sub-spindle pick off is simple to program using a combination of Spindle Docking, Part Off and Move Sub-spindle commands and is very flexible.
  • Within Edgecam Simulator, activities taking place on the main and sub-spindle can be simulated simultaneously. Batch simulation of the machining job includes animation of the sub-spindle pick off and bar feed for full program verification.

B-Axis Machining
Single set-up machining is the key to boosting metal cutting productivity when milling and turning are done on the same machine tool. Edgecam provides full support for B-axis machining on a mill/turn machine tool, allowing Edgecam users to benefit from the wide range of milling and drilling cycles by applying them to the B-axis of multi-configuration machine tools.

B & C-axis orientation commands make rotary positioning easy. Having indexed to a face the full power of Edgecam machining cycles are now available to you. The Maintain Index function on the toolchange command reduces command input when multiple machining operations are carried out at the same index position. Realistic simulation of the B-axis in Edgecam Simulator offers full program verification.

C- and Y-Axis Mill/Turn Machines The complete range of Edgecam’s milling and hole machining cycles can be implemented on mill/turn machines. Edgecam allows driven tooling to be programmed for machining on the face or the diameter of a component. Switching between Y- and C-axis modes is a single click process.

As with other cycles, Edgecam Simulator provides realistic graphical verification, ensuring that programs are correct before being executed. Both milling and turning activities can be verified, showing rotary movement of the stock and chuck during C-axis milling.

For the more complex of Mill/Turn machine tools, see EdgeCAMs 4/5 Axis Simultaneous machining capability.


  • One machining environment – no need to integrate mill and turn set-ups. Leads to less “down time” and thus more production.
  • Full machine tool and tool path simulation.
  • Allows full collision checking on component parts – thus reducing the risk of scrap parts and machine tool damage. Raw material is very expensive, by eliminating scrap, more profit to the customer. Less damage to the machine tool – leads to more production time and no repair bills for the machine tool, nor lost production time due machine tool not working.
  • Edgecam allows programmers/production engineers to “prove-out” their work within simulator – thus eliminating the need to prove out on the machine tool. Time spent on machine tool costs money.
  • Can be fully automated with Edgecam strategy manager and PCI’s Automating the process will speed up programming time. Allows Programmer to be more creative as the mundane tasks are being automated within edgecam. Non-skilled staff can be used to created NC programs thanks to edgecam automation process.
  • All configurations supports – Twin Spindle, Twin Turret, Pickoff spindle, C, Y & B axis machining. We offer the industries most popular and common machine tool configurations.
  • Part setup automatically positions component in both chucks and sets datums, no need for copying and moving models giving possible errors.

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