EdgeCAM Milling

EdgeCAM Milling

Please see Production Machining and 4 and 5-Axis Machining sections for more information on Milling using Edgecam.Production Milling

Edgecam provides the production machine shop with a wide range of flexible milling cycles. Machining efficiency is maximized on simple and complex prismatic parts as well as those incorporating sculptured surface geometry. With Edgecam you get prismatic machining combined with powerful 3D solid and surface machining strategies, all in one complete solution.

4- and 5-Axis simultaneous machining

Edgecam 4 and 5-Axis milling products are designed to meet the production machining requirements of industries such as aerospace, automotive, medical and oil & gas. 4- and 5-Axis simultaneous machining offers key advantages over conventional indexed 3-Axis machining:


  • Reduced cycle time by machining complex components using a single setup. In addition to time savings improved accuracy can also be achieved as the potential for positioning errors between setups is eliminated.
  • Improved surface finish and extended tool life by tilting the tool to maintain the optimum tool to part contact point at all times.
  • Improved access to undercuts and deep pockets through tilting the tool or component allows shorter series tooling to be employed, further improving the surface finish and eliminating the need for secondary setups.

The ability to machine complex parts from solid that would previously have to be cast. This approach is highly beneficial for prototypes and small volume runs and is particular applicable with the latest Mill/Turn machines.


Edgecam provides the production machine shop with a wide range of flexible milling Operations and Cycles. Milling Operations allow the user to quickly produce a basic toolpath via a simple text and picture driven dialog box. An intuitive interface guides the user through a series of machining decisions. Ideal for irregular or novice programmers.

Underpinning Edgecam’s Operations is a full and comprehensive suite of Milling Cycles. Each cycle offers the very best that technology can offer thus allowing the modern day machinist to achieve total tool path control.

Edgecam’s advanced roughing cycle for the machining of both 2D and 3D component parts can be applied to the complete model, providing consistent performance on all types of model. Laced, concentric and spiral machining strategies can be implemented as well as “bottom to top” intermediate slicing between Z-levels. This intelligent cycle automatically applies the most efficient approach move for each region of the model and creates trochoidal moves to avoid full width cuts. The ability to define 3D stock reduces machining time by eliminating air cutting.

Edgecam’s roughing cycle also incorporates rest roughing, where stock is automatically defined by the preceding roughing cycle, so the smaller tool only creates a toolpath in the areas that the larger tool could not access.

Within the inclusion of “Prismatic” and “High Speed cornering” controls, EdgeCAM offers the user total control over their NC output allowing consistent and accurate programming.


  • Increase machine tool utilization
  • Reduced programming time
  • Reduce component cycle time
  • Eliminate programming errors and reduce potential scrap
  • Reduce machine tool prove out by graphically simulating the tool path
  • Avoid collisions and expensive damage to machine tool
  • Assist in the generation of component costing by accurate cycle calculations
  • Reduce tooling inventory and stock

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