EdgeCAM Probing

EdgeCAM Probing

Edgecam Probing is an intuitive yet powerful tool for automatically generating and simulating spindle probing tool paths direct from geometry within Edgecam in order to update work piece location offsets.

Will work with the following Renishaw Inspection Plus packages for Horizontal or Vertical Machining Centres (Note Inspection Plus cycles MUST be installed on the machine):

ControllerRenishaw Inspection Plus Part Number
Fanuc Macro B
0M, 15iM, 16-21M/iM, 3xiM
A-4012-0516; A-4012-0685
HaasA-4012-0880; A-4012-0890
Hitachi Seicos
E10, E16, E18, MIII (M3), Lambda
A-4012-0749; A-4012-0761
M32, M Plus and Fusion 640M
Matrix M
Mitsubishi Meldas
M3, M310, M320, M330, M335 series, M50/500 series, M64, M600 series
A4012-0516, A-4012-0685
Mori SeikiA-4012-0936, A-4012-0942
MX3, J50, I80, J100, J300
A-4014-0070, A-4014-0104

If you do not know or are unsure if your machine contains the relevant Inspection Plus macros, or whether the control is compatible with Edgecam Probing a flow diagram can be made available as a guide.

A licence of the Edgecam Probing module (ENPRB-0) needs any Edgecam system (except Edgecam. Communications, Edgecam Part Modeler & Wire EDM) as a pre-requisite.

Installation Requirements
Standard Edgecam hardware and operating system requirements. A full Edgecam installation.

English, German. For other supported languages please contact your reseller.


Key benefits

  • Update the active or user definable work offset to accurately locate stock bodies from basic prismatic and cylindrical shapes, to secondary manufacturing stages through to complex castings using standard Renishaw Inspection Plus CNC Probing cycles.
  • Edgecam probing is fully integrated into the Edgecam interface and familiar terminology is used to allow data capture direct from Edgecam geometric features.
  • Intermediate positional moves are automatically and intelligently created by Edgecam probing to ensure protected positioning between features and reduce the risk of damage to the machine tool probe.
  • Full simulation is available within Edgecam prior to code generation to allow visualisation of potential collisions or prior to code generation.


  • Probing cycles available are:
    • Bore (with or without internal obstacle) / Boss
    • User definable 3 point cycles or standard 4 point cycles available
    • Pocket (with or without internal obstacle) / WebX or Y or Z surface
  • Probe position (send the probe to any point in XYZ)
  • Update standard Work Offsets (G54-G59) in any X, Y and/or Z direction based on deviation from nominal
  • Digitise direct from Edgecam wireframe geometry or user definable input
  • Change the protected position federate to minimise traverse time and reduce cycle time
  • Alter the search region of the probe to allow for flexible piece part positioning
  • Full probe and tool path simulation available as standard
  • No need to alter existing post processor

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