EdgeCAM Production

EdgeCAM Production

Edgecam is an industry leading solution for all your production machining needs. Applications include prismatic and 3D milling, complex multi-axis turning, mill/turn, rotary and multi-plane milling and family of parts machining. Innovative solutions for a more productive and profitable machine shop are supplied. These include excellent tool path simulation, a unique wizard approach to post processing, a comprehensive tooling database, intuitive and flexible machine tool communications and a web-enabled job management system.


Production Milling
Edgecam provides the production machine shop with a wide range of flexible milling operations and cycles. Milling Operations allow the user to quickly produce a basic toolpath via a simple text and picture driven dialog box. An intuitive interface guides the user through a series of machining decisions. Ideal for irregular or novice programmers.

Underpinning Edgecam’s Operations is a full and comprehensive suite of Milling Cycles. Each cycle offers the very best that technology can offer thus allowing the modern day machinist to achieve total toolpath control.

Machining efficiency is maximized on simple and complex prismatic parts as well as those incorporating sculptured surface geometry. With Edgecam you get prismatic machining combined with powerful 3D solid and surface machining strategies, all in one complete solution.

Prismatic Machining
Edgecam’s prismatic machining functionality offers a comprehensive range of combined 2D & 3D machining cycles, helping you to maximize your productivity.

Surface Machining
Recent trends in component design have resulted in an increased need to incorporate complex shaped geometry in production machining. Previously, such requirements were limited to short run, or one-off machining environments such as the mold, die and prototyping industries.

Edgecam offers a full range of 3D machining functionality that can be used by the production machinist equally effectively to machine large quantity batches. Free form surface shapes and solid models are machined using innovative, reliable and gouge free cycles. Intelligent approach strategies provide improved surface finish while optimizing machining times and maximizing tool life. Adaptive leads and links ensure collision free entry and exit on and off the job.

Multi-Axis and Multi-Plane Machining
Edgecam supports the machining of holes, pockets, bosses and 3D complex shapes on multiple faces of the component part, reducing total setup time and taking advantage of multi-axis machine capabilities. Edgecam offers full support for multi-axis milling, including 2½D and 3D machining, 4-axis rotary machining, 3+2-axis positional indexing and 5-axis simultaneous machining for trimming, and de-flashing of single surfaces.

Production Turning
Edgecam Turning provides functionality for a wide range of machine tools, including 2-axis lathes, multi-turret configurations, sub-spindle turning centers and mill/turn machines. On a mill/turn machine, C-, Y- and B-axis machining take place within the same turning environment thus providing a fully integrated and associative programming solution. Ease of use and an understanding that cycle times are critical, especially on multi-configuration mill/turn machines, underpin the development of Edgecam’s turning functionality.

Edgecam produces advanced rough and finish turning cycles, together with support for facing, boring and drilling in either canned cycle or longhand format. Tool path calculation takes into consideration the complete tooling insert and previously machined material to avoid gouging and eliminate air cutting.

Edgecam offers support for Sandvik Coromant Wiper inserts for turning tools, allowing these productivity enhancing inserts to be used reliably in all aspects of production machining.

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