PointSense Heritage

PointSense Heritage

PointSense Heritage is ideal for the documentation of historical monuments in conservation, historic building research and the recording of complex 3-D excavations in archaeology. With this software, significant and detailed aerial mosaics can be generated and 3-D models can be derived from simple laser scan data and photos. This combination of laser scanning and photogrammetry in AutoCAD offers flexibility of application and allows for a high resolution, as well as accurate result.


Get to know the features and benefits of PointSense Heritage:

  • Rapid 3-D modeling by integration of point clouds and photos
  • Stand alone photogrammetric functions are included
  • Calculation of true ortho photos
  • Generation of detailed image mosaics through unwrapping of point clouds and photos of towers, arches, ceiling frescoes, fa├žades, roofs etc. into a reference plane

Classical Functions

  • Processing of billion measuring points with AutoCAD Intuitive navigation within the planar view
  • Combination of scan data, CAD and photos
  • Efficient data management
  • Cropping, coloring, masking and labeling of point cloud areas

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