PointSense Basic and PointSense Pro

PointSense Basic and PointSense Pro

PointSense Basic and PointSense Pro are AutoCAD-based third party plug-ins for point cloud manipulation and modeling. These systems support almost all of the currently available 3D laser scan data formats. PointSense Basic supports AutoCAD and AutoCAD verticals 2011-2014. For the more advanced user, PointSense Pro offers the essential tools as well as pattern recognition of primitive objects in AutoCAD.


Get to know the features and benefits of PointSense Basic and PointSense Pro:

  • Laser scanning for precise, fast and efficient data evaluation
  • Import almost all 3-D scan data formats into AutoCAD
  • Management of point clouds: masking, diving, joining
  • Combination of scan data and CAD
  • Fast construction of 3-D wireframe models and solids
  • Automated fitting of polylines, cylinders and planes to point cloud sections
  • Ortho images with X-ray function
  • Clash detection analysis between scan and drafted CAD objects
  • Photo-like planar view of scans

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