AutoCAD Civil 3D for Surveyors

This in-depth AutoCAD® Civil 3D® 2017 (R1) for Surveyors student guide is for surveyors and survey technicians that do not necessarily need all of the functionality that is taught in AutoCAD Civil 3D Fundamentals. This student guide equips the surveyor with the basic knowledge required to use AutoCAD Civil 3D efficiently in a typical daily workflow. Students learn how to import the converted field equipment survey data into a standardized environment in AutoCAD Civil 3D and to use the automation tools to create an Existing Condition Plan. Data collection, and traverses are also covered. Other topics that help in increasing efficiency include styles, correct AutoCAD® drafting techniques, the methodology required to create linework effectively for variables used in defining symbology, surfaces, categorizing points, and importing imagery.

Topics Include:

  • The AutoCAD Civil 3D Interface
  • The Planning and Analysis workspace
  • Points overview and styles
  • Importing points and coordinate transformations
  • Creating points and drafting
  • Point groups, grips, and reports
  • Point security and editing
  • Introduction to data collection in the field
  • Introduction to Civil 3D Survey and automated linework
  • Survey networks
  • Coordinate Geometry Editor for entering traverse information or legal descriptions
  • Surface overview
  • Surface editing
  • Surface labels and analysis
  • Point clouds and creating a surface from point cloud data

Previous experience with the AutoCAD software and a basic understanding of the Surveying profession is recommended.

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