Autodesk Showcase Training: Fundamentals

The Autodesk® Showcase® 2017 (R1) Fundamentals student guide instructs students in how to use the visualization and presentation tools in the Autodesk Showcase software to create compelling presentations of 3D CAD data. In the practice- intensive curriculum, students acquire the knowledge required to progress from importing data for use in a scene, preparing it for presentation, and publishing it as an image or movie or in a web presentation format.

Topics Include

  • Overview of the Autodesk Showcase interface and workflow
  • Importing Models
  • Opening scenes
  • Adjusting surface normal
  • Selecting and transforming objects
  • Assigning visual styles to enhance a scene
  • Setting and manipulating rendering styles
  • Adding lighting and shadow environments
  • Adding accent lights to a scene
  • Adding materials to objects in a scene
  • Creating and manipulating design alternatives
  • Creating and manipulating cross-sections
  • Creating and manipulating Shots
  • Creating and manipulating Behaviors
  • Creating a Storyboard to present a scene
  • Using the Pointer Tool to focus attention on a specific area
  • Compare Scenes by placing two scenes side-by-side
  • Publishing images, movies, and web presentations


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