Out of date Vault got you down?

We’re here to help.

Not upgrading your Autodesk Vault server regularly can mean running the risk of decreasing your productivity and can harm collaboration and security. Companies who fail to maintain an up-to-date Vault face loss of time, impeded communications with other facility locations, and have difficulties collaborating on a timely basis with those locations. In addition to these roadblocks, users also miss out on new, innovative features and bug fixes offered in the latest versions.

Here are a few common questions our customers face when considering Vault upgrades:

“What are the benefits of upgrading?”

· Better collaboration between teams.
· Added security.
· Access to the latest features and fixes.

“Won’t it save us money if we upgrade Vault ourselves?“
Years of experience proves a “DIY” upgrade will probably COST you more and here’s why:
· Risk of data corruption.
· Danger of losing files.
· High possibility of extended downtime.
· Likelihood of loss of permission levels.

“What is the process like if ECAD upgrades Vault for us?”

Our dedicated, specialized team with over 25 years of experience with data management has a tested and seamless process for upgrading customers’ Vault to create as little downtime as possible. Here is a high-level look at the main steps:


1. Access your Vault server, either onsite or online (remotely).

2. Work with your IT department to ensure permissions do not slow down the upgrade.

3. Test the Vault server after the upgrade to ensure it’s running properly, and all files and securities are intact.

4. Upgrade any other outdated programs for no extra charge.

5. Complete a scripted/automatic backup of your Vault application and files

6. Follow-up a week later to guarantee Vault is running smoothly.

“How long does it take for ECAD to upgrade Vault?”

Typically we can complete the Vault upgrade in one business day if all machines are ready for upgrades, and an IT person is on hand to help with security permissions. For customers needing upgrades to Autodesk Product Design & Manufacturing Collection or other Autodesk applications, we can upgrade all the users’ products and test them with the upgraded Vault on the second business day. This length of time is not guaranteed but is based on our extensive experience.

“How much does it cost?”

It’s more cost-effective than you think. Compared to the downtime and risks you could face by not entrusting us to upgrade Vault for you, can you afford not to? Let’s talk!

Contact us today and help us understand your current Vault condition.

Together we can find a solution worth your time and money.

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